Ewa Paukstyte (aka Paukstyte) is an artist living and working in her adopted town Vilnius, Lithuania. Originally she is from Panevezys, and her life was not always sophisticated.

In 2001 Paukstyte graduates from Kaunas Art School, receiving ceramics maker diploma and Juozas Zikaras Main Award of the year for graduation work – sculpture composition Tree of the World – and it is the main motivation to apply for further art studies. She wants just to draw, cause working with clay is as dirty, slow action as it seems. It is nice but do not suits with fast result, long nails and young age.
She graduates in 2008 from Vilnius Art Academy with a first class education in Graphic Arts both B.A. and M.A. degree.
While drawing is at the centre of her art practice, Paukstyte also makes clay objects, sculptures, jewelry.
Paukstyte‘s art pieces are included in private collections, also in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. Her works are admired by people who are full of internal extravaganza and see further than their nose.
Over the several past years Paukstyte has worked as a graphic designer on different graphic projects, advertising, publishing, printing, philately, illustration whilst constantly organizing her solo exhibition and taking part in group shows both in Lithuania and abroad.
By now she spends her days working in her tiny studio alone. 

I slept for a long time. 

When I woke up, I saw

 a Brave New World.

 Not knowing how to speak, 

I started to draw. 

So much I wanted to say. 

Words stuttered, 

I spoke through images.


Unknown fact

One of her first exhibitions was called Election of the most beautiful Penis. She and her roommate Vanda drew lots of different falos and exhibited in their shared hostel toilet. It was in late 2001.

The exhibition ended soon after Paukstyte‘s Father entered the toilet and exhale deeply...

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