"No one knows what I’ve been through and that is my strength. Darkness dances in bright colors. You are week, you are strong, you have everything. Go deep inside yourself, you’ll find the goldmine. Dig dig DIG slowly, patiently and be released. I promise. It is a next level".

Making art is like walking through internal corridors again and again. Gathering what is left to show and finding a proper way to become a picture, sculpture, illustration in limitless art language. For an artist it is a very effective way to communicate with internal demons whilst constantly chasing for a masterpiece.

Thinking about the nature of psychotherapy and working on paintings on this theme, artist is searching for a set of metaphorical images that matches what she wants to say about looking into inner world. Artist is feeling a whole self active in her pictures, her mental world is flowering.

Paukstyte creates vibrant and richly structural images with architectural touches and human interactions amongst them. No detail goes unnoticed, all in order. Her compositions take on the bizzare, inconsequential or casual elements of daily life. Tennis players who play without tennis racquet, the fugu fish that is stuffed with chopsticks whilst spreading fish perfume, or black Barbie driving in vintage car over the rainbow – these clues add the overall sense of nonsense that Paukstyte is strong at. Artist’s individual pieces of work create an intriguing narrative, one that evokes obscurity and tension, urging the viewer to hunt for clues, to uncover the mystery and the key to imaginary truth.

Feeling the real world too paintful to bear, she decides to make an alternative. Constantly retreating into her head - mental chamber - where she is holding illusory world. Finding landscapes, narratives; she inserts things, everything that is linked to her. She is a major player. Illusory land is an escape from emotional chaos. It gives a sense of security in a safe exclusive space. Asking the questions and getting the answers.

The essence of art is not in the detail of a picture, basically it is in the atmosphere of the world the viewer can enter. Feelings turn into metaphor; palms, banana, stars, cosmos, Hollywood take their place and complete their visual mission. 

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